How do I contact the Johnson County Sheriff's Office?


 When should I call 911?
Call 911 only for police, fire or medical emergencies. 911 should be dialed when an ambulance, fire unit, sheriff or police officer is needed at a particular location. When calling 911, stay on the line and try to remain calm with your information ready. When the operator answers tell them which emergency agency you need, describe the emergency, and give the exact location where help is needed.

Who is the Sheriff of Johnson County?
Bob Alford is the Johnson County Sheriff.

Where is the Johnson  County Sheriff's Office?
The Sheriff's Office is located at 1102 E. Kilpatrick Cleburne, TX 76031. From Burleson take Hwy 174 south into Cleburne, after passing under Hwy 67 go to the2nd red light, (Kilpatrick) turn east (left) follow Kilpatrick approximately one half mile  and the Sheriff's Office is on the right.

How do I find out about employment  opportunities with the Sheriff's Office?
Now Hiring Page

I received a jury summons from the Sheriff's Office. Do I contact the Sheriff's Office about jury duty?
No. The Sheriff's Office just mails the jury summons, but otherwise has no information about jury duty.  Contact the District Clerk's office for questions.

How do I pay a traffic ticket?
Justices of the Peace in the precinct  of issuance presides over traffic court.

How do I drop charges?
Contact the District Attorney or County Attorney. However, the DA or the County Attorney may not be required to drop the charge, even if the victim wants to.

Does the Sheriff's Office handle evictions, juvenile detention, or probation?
No. Evictions are handled by the County Constables. Juvenile Services handles detention and probation for youths 10 to 16. Adult probation is handled by Community Supervision and Corrections.

Where is the Johnson County Jail?
The county Jail is located at 1800 Ridgemar Cleburne TX 76031

Who do I call to ask about someone who's been arrested?
Call jail information at817-556-6000 for all information about people in jail.

Where do I go to:

  • pick up a released inmate?
  • visit an inmate or get on the visitation list?
  • deliver money for bond or commissary?
  • deliver medication for an inmate?
  • get bail, magistrate, or offense information?

Go to the jail visitation entrance located on Ridgemar Dr. in  the front  of the Sheriff's Office.

Has this person ever been in jail? What information can you give me about this persons stay in jail?
Anything on the booking card is considered public knowledge. This includes when, why, and how long a person was in jail.

What should I do if I'm involved in an accident?
If you're involved in a minor accident where there are no visible signs of injury and the vehicles are drivable, then

  1. move the vehicles off of the roadway to reduce traffic back-ups which can cause other accidents
  2. Call the city police if you're in an incorporated city or the county sheriff
  3. Exchange license and contact information.

Who do I call to get a traffic accident report?
Contact DPS for accident reports at 817-641-2204  DPS is located at the 600 W. Kilpatrick Cleburne TX 76033

Can you tell me the name of the officer who arrested someone?
Yes, as well as any investigator's name that has been assigned to the case.

How do I get a copy of the arresting officer's offense report?
If you are not a law enforcement official, you may have a copy of the press release only unless you have a subpoena or permission from the District Attorney's office.

How do I start a neighborhood watch?
Please  contact your neighborhood association president, or call the Sheriff's Office at 817-556-6058 ext 255 and ask to speak with Sgt. Tom Hargrave

Does Johnson County have a leash law?

No, Johnson County does not have a leash law in the rural areas of of county,


What should I do if I am bitten by a dog?

Call the Johnson County Sheriff's Office immediately to file a report 817-556-6060


Where can I find out about Sex Offenders in Johnson County?

All registered sex offenders in rural areas of Johnson County can be found on the Registered Sex Offenders Page.


How do I speak with the Detective assigned to my case?

Contact 817-556-6058 and provide the service number to your case which the deputy provided to you and you will be directed to the Detective assigned to the case or you can email the Detective by going to the Johnson County Criminal Investigations Page.


How do I file a complainant against a employee of Johnson County Sheriff's Office?

Come to the Johnson County Sheriff's Office and request to speak with the supervisor in charge of the individual you wish to file a complaint against or go to the contacts page and complete the form provided. Make sure all your information including name, address and phone number where you can be contacted is included.


How do I commend a  employee of the Johnson County Sheriff's Office?

You may write, email or come down to the Johnson County Sheriff's Office with your comments or go to the contacts page and complete the form provided.







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