Lieutenant David Blankenship, is currently the liaison between the Sheriff's Office and the LaSalle Southwest Corrections.



Johnson County has entered into a contract with LaSalle Southwest Corrections, a private management company to operate the Johnson County Jail.


The jail operates under the direction of Warden Eddie Williams and Assistant Warden Jimmy Johnson


The jail also has a Chief of Security, Major Bill Gray along with Captain Virginia Proctor. There are four Lieutenants, as well as four Sergeants to supervise each shift. Detention officers work under the supervision of the Shift supervisors which include officers that man the Pods, Support Section and Transport Section.


The Johnson County Jail can house a total of 871 inmates, Johnson County added an additional 176 beds in 2000, 288 beds in 2006, and another 96 beds in 2011 bringing the total beds to 871.


The Sheriff of Johnson County is responsible for the safe operation and security of the Johnson County Correctional Facility, whereas the LaSalle’s Correctional Staff is committed to the preservation of the basic human rights and dignity of the inmate population, as prescribed by the constitution of the United States and the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. Be it know that LaSalle’s Correctional staff will ensure a high standard of safety and security for the community, detention officers and inmates. The Staff of the Johnson County Correctional Facility will maintain programs, available to every inmate, that will encourage and foster self-respect and dignity. Every measure will be taken to ensure each inmate of the Correctional Facility receives fair and humane care in a safe environment





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