Jail visitation is done by inmate's last name:

Monday & Thursday for inmates in BW, GELS, GW, Orange buildings

Tuesday & Friday  for inmates in Bldg 2, C3B Buildings

Wednesday & Saturday  for inmates in GERS, Red, Infirmary Buildings


Hours are from 5:30PM to 8:00PM


Authorized visitors for an inmate are: Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Husband, Wife, Children (under adult supervision), Grandmother, Grandfather, Step-Mother, Step-Father, Half Sister, Half Brother and Friends.  All visitors must be in an Inmate Visitation Card and MUST HAVE CURRENT identification with Photograph.


All visitors  must submit to a scan by a metal detector, Pat down searches and conducted at random or under mitigating circumstances.  Under no circumstances will physical contact be allowed between inmates and visitors.




 1. Visitors (16) years of age and older must present proper picture identification.  The identification must be from a government agency (DPS ID, drivers license, official passport or military id)  Visitors shall NOT enter lobby before 5:00PM on visitation days to register.


 2. All visitors are required to give their full name, race, sex, date of birth, address and drivers license number prior to visit.  Visitors wearing shorts, sleeveless tops, low cut tops or see through tops, WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO VISIT (Adult or children).  Hats, Caps, head socks, coats are not permitted.


 3. Children under 16 years of age and younger are not allowed to visit inmates unless supervised by an adult.  All children must be supervised by an adult in the jail lobby and visitation areas.


 4. Children must remain with the adults at ALL times.


 5. Visits are limited to (20) twenty minutes.  A visitor may visit twice a week but may only have one visit per day with the same inmate.  Each inmate is allowed only 1 twenty minutes visit per visitation day.  Only 2 Adults and 2 Children may visit an inmate at one time.  Registration will end at 8:30PM on visitation days.


 6. Purses, packages, umbrellas, handbags, paper sacks, or any other item which may be used as containers are not allowed within the jail facility.  This includes metal or glass soft drink containers.  NO tobacco products or cell phones allowed in the jail facility.


 7. Visitors will NOT give any item to an inmate.


 8. Violation of any of these rules will result in the immediate termination  of a visit, and may result in the termination of future visits.  If violation of criminal law is committed appropriate actions will be taken.






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