Victim Information & Notification Everyday


Provided by the Johnson County Sheriff's Office
Bob Alford Sheriff in partnership with Appriss ™

What will VINE do for me?

Vine will tell you if an offender is in jail and will give you other important information such as court event changes.  VINE will also allow you to leave a phone number where you can be contacted automatically when the status of an offender changes.  VINE will also notify you of changes in court events.

What do I need to do?


Call 1-877-894-8463 from a touch tone phone and follow the voice directions.


If the offender is in jail, and you want to be notified of any changes in the offender’s status you should remain on the phone and listen to the voice directions. 


If you register to be notified of a change in an offender’s status you will be asked for a four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).  This number needs to one that is easy to remember and you should have it ready before you are asked.  Be certain you document this PIN for future reference.  When you are notified of an offender’s change in status VINE will ask you for the PIN


When VINE calls, listen to the message, and enter your PIN number when asked.  Entering the PIN lets VINE know that you got the call and will stop the service from calling you again.

 VINE FACTS you should know:

·         The offender will not know you are registered with VINE;

·         If you are not home, VINE will leave a message on an answering machine.  If there is no answer, VINE will keep calling back until you enter your PIN or for at least 24 hours;

·         VINE calls automatically when an offender's custody status changes and you may get a call from VINE in the middle of the night;

·         Do not leave a phone number with VINE that rings to a switchboard;

·         The Johnson County VINE service only includes offenders in the Johnson County Law Enforcement Center;

·         Do not depend only on the VINE service, or any other single program, for your protection.  VINE should only be one piece of your safety plans.

·         You can leave more than one phone number with VINE. Just call the VINE service again and register additional numbers.





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